100% British meat all year round 100% British meat all year round

100% fresh British meat all year round

We’re backing British farmers, 100%. All the fresh meat at your local Co-op is now sourced from British farms*. By supporting British farmers, you’re helping communities across the whole of the UK. So, whether you’re popping in for a sandwich or a beef joint for Sunday lunch, every delicious bite is making a difference.

For exotic summer flavours, mix it up with our Jerk Chicken Caesar salad and 100% British chicken.
Nothing beats a juicy beef burger made with 100% British beef, with all your favourite toppings.
100% British lamb is more than a Sunday roast. Grill up on the BBQ with rosemary, for a special summer treat.
Our new potatoes are 100% British, for as long as they are in season. Delicious hot or cold, tossed with butter.
Traditional hearty 100% British sausages taste just as good on the barbie, nestled in a soft white bun.



We only use flowers that are in season, which is why our British seasonal bouquet constantly changes, although it's always beautiful.

Frozen Yoghurt

We use 100% British milk in all our frozen yoghurts. Like in this refreshingly fruity Raspberry & blackcurrant frozen yoghurt.


If our raspberries and blackberries can be British, they are British.

Jerk Chicken Salad

Our limited edition Jerk Chicken Caesar salad is made with 100% British chicken with nachos, cheese and a Caesar dressing.

Lamb steaks

Our fresh lamb is now 100% British all year round so you can get more from your Sunday lunch knowing every bite is helping to support communities around the UK, so invite the whole family round.

Ice cream

We use 100% British milk in all our Irresistible ice cream. Like in this indulgent English strawberry & clotted cream ice cream.


Our 100% British fresh strawberries are the perfect addition to any summer picnic.


With mash, in a casserole or on the BBQ. Our sausages are the ultimate all-rounder, and they're all packed full of the highest-quality fresh British meat.


Our stonebaked pizza base topped with Co-op's signature sauce and our 100% British meat toppings.

Mix and match on fresh meat

Try our 100% Fresh British Chicken. Guaranteed to make any BBQ, whatever the weather. Click for full details of deal T&Cs

Co-op Irresistible Ice Cream

We use 100% British milk in our Irresistible ice cream Like in this indulgent English strawberry & clotted cream ice cream. Click for full details of deal T&Cs

Co-op Melton Mowbray Pork Pie

100% of our fresh meat is British, right down to our pork pies. Click for full details of deal T&Cs

Dessert recipes

Made with fresh mint, Fairtrade chocolate, fresh British strawberries and our indulgent 100% British Irresistible English strawberry & clotted cream ice cream, it's easier than you think to finish off your summer BBQ with a showstopping dessert.

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We're supporting Welsh farmers like Meirion

Located in the Cambrian mountain range, Meirion is a third generation farmer and has been working on his farm with his wife Anne for over 30 years. By working with local farmers like Meirion we can ensure that 100% of our fresh meat is British and the by supporting local farmers we can ensure that the 100% commitment can be passed back through the local communities.

We pledge to boost British farming by investing


into sourcing own brand British meat, produce and dairy products from the UK.

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*Refers to Co-op own brand fresh meat products. Excludes continental meats.